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Wyndham ® Hotels and Resorts

Sophisticated, elegant and unique...these elements are what define the luxurious bedding featured in Wyndham ® Hotels and Resorts.
Wyndham ®  Hotels and ResortsWyndham Worldwide has made quite a name for itself by featuring over 50 brands of hotels who have a common mission to provide the most luxurious, relaxing, comfortable, guest-oriented service available anywhere. A huge component of that goal is to provide bedding linens, pillow cases and shams, blankets and duvets (to name a few), that are of the highest quality available. The fabrics of this collection are woven to be as durable as they are beautiful. Whether you curl up with a duvet, decorate with a bolster cover or just simply want to finish your look with a set of pristine white sheets that are used in Wyndham properties, you are sure to be satisfied. Your bedroom will be so comfortable that you'll feel as though you are on vacation all year around.