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Waldorf Astoria ® Hotel

Spend each night with the comfort of luxurious bedding used in many Waldorf Astoria ® Hotels!
Waldorf Astoria ® HotelNot many hotels have ever been the largest in the world, but the Waldorf Astoria ® is one of few that can say it has been. In 1897 the Waldorf and Astoria hotels joined together and showed the world what a luxury hotel could really be like. Housing restaurants and boutiques and many things in-between, the Waldorf Astoria ® set the precedent of what a luxury hotel should be like. The Waldorf Astoria ® features pillows that are made with down and feather of the highest quality. Sysco Guest Supply ® provides many Waldorf Astoria’s ® with superior bedding for their guests.

The Sysco Guest Supply Company ® provides almost every other major luxury hotel chain with their bedding and the Waldorf Astoria ® is no exception to this. The Waldorf Astoria ® features pillows that are supportive yet they provide guests with optimum comfort!

Order your Sysco Guest Supply ® Down Dreams Classic Soft & Classic Firm ® pillow and spend every night sleeping like you would in a luxurious hotel.

Not sure if you slept on the Classic Firm or Soft? Watch this video (click here)