Technogel Pillows ®

Technogel® Sleeping is revolutionizing nights (and days) with rejuvenating benefits.
Technogel Pillows ®Crafted in Italy, all Technogel ® Sleeping pillows feature an innovative “soft solid” material that combines the three-dimensional adaptability of a fluid with the durability of a solid. Technogel ® Sleeping pillows are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odor free. Redefine your idea of restful sleep with the only brand of pillows made with a unique patented gel layer molded to a memory foam base, combining the cooling sensation of thermal regulation with unparalleled pressure relief to provide the perfect balance between comfort and ergonomic support.

Technogel offers different designs to offer more customized support. From lower profile classic pillows, perfect for stomach sleepers to contoured and anatomic pillows with ergonomic designs better support you, you're sure to find something in the line to suit your needs. Now this same comfort is available in two different travel options to provide you with superior support while you're on the road as well.