Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Bar

Suit Hanger with Non-Slip BarTrying to find an easy way to store your dress pants, khakis and jeans so that they are not wrinkled, but are afraid that hangers with a bar could cause damage to them or create an extra wrinkle? Choice Hangers is pleased to offer the Non-Slip Bar Hanger as the perfect solution to this problem. The unique design of the Non-Slip Bar Hanger keeps your pants in place without a locking bar that can cause wrinkles or press marks. Moreover, the bar on the Non-Slip Bar Hanger is designed in such a way so that your pants will not be damaged in the event that they are pulled off of the bar at the wrong angle or with too much force as the bar. And, because the Non-Slip Bar Hanger is made with premium sturdy wood, the Non-Slip Bar Hanger will be able to support your heaviest pair of pants.

Stop wrinkling your pants and otherwise damaging them by using inferior hangers. Upgrade to the Non-Slip Bar Hanger today!

  • Manufactured by: Choice Hangers
  • Length: 17.5
  • Width: .5
  • Height: 9