Super 8

Invista ® DACRON Performa Pillows - Featured in Many Super 8 ® Motels
Super 8

The savvy road traveler knows that when looking for a place to rest, the consistency of the Super 8 ® Motel is a welcome sight. Part of the consistency of the Super 8 ® Motel is the Invista® DACRON Performa Pillows featured in many Super 8 ® properties. The Invista® DACRON Performa pillow is found in many Super 8 ® Motels because it provides a great amount of support while still offering an environment of comfort for your head. Featuring soft, over-filled fiber puffs, the Invista ® DACRON Performa pillow offers Super 8 ® Motel guests a comfortable sleeping pillow after a hard day on the road. Since the Invista ® DACRON Performa pillow is made to the highest standards, Super 8 ® Motel guests can be assured that they are going to encounter a comfortable pillow every time they set their head down. Get the same comfort you experience at the Super 8 ® Motel by ordering a Invista ® DACRON Performa pillow today!

The Super 8 ® Motel mark is owned by Wyndham Worldwide; this mark is not owned by Pacific Pillows LLC. The Super 8 ® Motel mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Invista ® DACRON Performa Pillows sold by Pacific Pillows are the exact same pillows featured in many Super 8 ® Motels around the world. The Invista ® DACRON Performa Pillow is not manufactured by Super 8 ® Motels or Wyndham Worldwide; however, Super 8 ® Motels regularly feature the Invista ® DACRON Performa Pillow sold by Pacific Pillows in many Super 8 ® Motel Properties.

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