Stomach Sleeper Pillows

Sleep Better with our Staff Recommended Pillows for Stomach Sleepers!
Stomach Sleeper PillowsStomach sleepers benefit from significantly reduced snoring, as it helps keep your upper airways open. It can also help relieve pressure on your spine. However, there is great potential for neck and back pain. Due to this, it is of paramount importance to find the right pillow for a stomach sleeper.

For stomach sleepers, our bedding experts recommend very thin and very low loft pillows that are soft and easily moldable. This will help stomach sleepers get the shapeable comfort they need without placing excess pressure on the neck. A down pillow with a high percentage of down to feathers or a soft polyester fiber pillow can be the perfect pillow for stomach sleeping. A plush and low profile latex or memory foam pillow can also offer the moldable softness that a stomach sleeper needs.

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