Silque International Group

Silque International GroupIt's time to put away your bargain bedding and start resting well with Silque international Mulberry silk filled products. The Silque International Group provides the most luxurious alternative to feather and down bedding on the market today. The Silque International Group Pillows and Comforters are filled with Mulberry silk so they are the perfect combination of durability, low maintenance, and most importantly, comfort. Mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk in the world, using a type of thread that is finer and smoother compared to other silks. In general, Silk is an all-natural, hypoallergenic material that has a breathability found in no other textile. In addition, if you have allergies, silk is the way to go. Silk is a healthy choice for all due to the fact that it is inhospitable to dust mites and bed bugs and immune to mold and fungi. Being an incredibly strong natural fiber, silk bedding is very resilient, meaning that this bedding from the Silque International Group will bring comfort and style to your bedroom for years to come!

Bring the luxury of silk home today with the Silque International Group’s line of bedding!