Side Sleeper Pillows

Side Sleeper PillowsSide sleeping is one of the most common sleep positions and requires a pillow that offers adequate support. The benefits of sleeping your side include reduced snoring and diminished neck and back pain from having your head and spine aligned. Additionally, it can increase blood flow and overall comfort, especially during pregnancy. Sleeping on your left side can even reduce acid reflux and can facilitate more effective lymph node drainage, allowing you to experience a more restful night.

When looking for a pillow for side sleeping, it is important to find a pillow that offers the right amount of loft to align your head and neck with your spine. For side sleepers, a pillow with a high loft will offer better height and support for your head and neck. Firmer pillows are more ideal, as it ensures that your neck will get the continued support it needs, while a gusseted version delivers more even and firmer support.