Taymor Shower Caddies

Keep your shower clean and organized with a Taymor Shower Caddy!
Taymor  Shower CaddiesSo youre out of space on the walls of your shower or bath tub, but cant spare any of the shampoo, soap, and bathing accessories that are currently there. Maybe you share your shower with another person (or five), maybe you just have a lot of items that you need in the shower. Either way were not going to judge, but we will let you in on the solution to your problem: a Taymor Shower Caddy. Taymor makes a range of different shower caddies that all have different features, though each one will help you get your shower organized and looking stylish.

We are currently offering 6 different shower caddies by Taymor , so you are certain to find the appropriate shower caddy for your needs and budget. If youre only looking for basics, check out our most affordable shower caddy, the Taymor Reversible Shower Caddy with Small Baskets. This caddy is extremely versatile and comes at a great value, as it reverses to fit on your shower head, door, or rod. Anyone looking to get a luxury shower caddy as a gift or to pamper themselves should check out the Taymor Shower Caddy Gift Ensemble, which is Taymors top model. Not only is this shower caddy the biggest one in the series, it also comes with a bathing poof, nail brush, back scrubber, foot files, and pumice stone to round out your bathing kit.

Have your shower looking sharp with a Taymor Shower Caddy! Whatever model you end up choosing, you can feel confident you are purchasing a quality shower caddy as it bears the Taymor name. If you have any questions or need any recommendations, feel free to contact us and we can help you choose the perfect shower caddy.