SHEEX ® Performance Bedding

For a deeper, more comfortable sleep.
SHEEX ® Performance BeddingSHEEX ® was established by Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak who were coaching basketball at the University of South Carolina. Inspired by the feel, breathability and quick-dry features of performance fabrics which can keep athletes cool, dry and comfortable ... SHEEX ® developed cutting-edge, quality sleep-optimizing products that provide better sleep for athletes and consumers alike. The original SHEEX ® line of performance fabric sheets and pillowcases bring you better comfort for a better night's rest. SHEEX ® didn't stop there however – the new line of performance cotton sheets and pillowcases combines luxurious 600 thread count Egyptian cotton with a unique temperature-control enhancement that you won't find in ordinary cotton sheets. This unique SHEEX ® technology is also available to take on the go with SHEEX ® Sleep•Sax. For a deeper, more comfortable sleep, order your SHEEX ® today!