RestMate ® Collection

RestMate ® CollectionThe RestMate ® comfort collection offers an array of products that provide the perfect blend of comfort and support. Specializing in providing comfort for over 45 years, RestMate ® boast an impressive collection of specialty pillows, which we are proud to offer. With this collection of unique and versatile pillows, anyone would be able to find the best pillow for their needs.

RestMate’s ® Original Bones ® line of pillows is ideal for neck and spine relief, offering a flexible range of solution for neck and lumbar issues, without sacrificing comfort. With three unique pillows specializing in providing different support options, you’ll be able to find a pillow to best fit your head, neck, and lumbar support needs. We also offer the BodyNest ® pillow by RestMate ®, a flexible body pillow that allows you to surround yourself in comfort. All of the pillows in the RestMate ® collection are hypoallergenic.

Check out the Restmate ® collection for a line of pillows that cater to a wide range of needs and you’ll be sure to find the perfect pillow for you!