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Enjoy the Comfort of Down Alternative Bedding with the Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products ® Bedding Collection
Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products®For many people, down does not create a comfortable sleep environment. Whether it is allergies to down or just a dislike of the constant fluffing that down products require, down is not their favorite. However, the feel of down cannot be beat. That is why Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products ® makes all of their products with polyester fiber to give their down alternative filling the feel of real down. Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products ® features a wide variety of down alternative pillows and unlike real down pillows, the Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products ® down alternative pillows come in a variety of firmness from soft to firm. The variety of firmness's in the Restful Nights ®/National Sleep Products ® down alternative pillow collection assures that you will be able to find the perfect down alternative pillow.