Red Roof Inn ®

Spend your nights in luxury with the same bedding found at the Red Roof Inn ®
Red Roof Inn ® The Red Roof Inn ® knows how important it is to provide people with an affordable place to stay. Although guests are looking for an affordable stay they don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and luxury of some of the more expensive hotels. The Red Roof Inn ® has been providing people with affordable places to stay since 1972. When you stay at a Red Roof Inn ® you can rest assured knowing you are getting your money’s worth with bedding that offers exceptional comfort.

Rest confidently knowing that the Red Rood Inn ® uses only the best of the best in terms of luxury bedding. The key to a great night’s rest is bedding that comforts and eases an aching body. So when you’re out and need somewhere to stay, the Red Roof Inn ® is there for you with exceptional bedding ready to ease your body into a great night’s rest.