Q: What pillow is featured in Embassy Suites

Q: What pillow is featured in Embassy Suites properties?
Q:  What pillow is featured in Embassy SuitesEmbassy Suites ® locations have been offering quality linen and pillows for years.  Recently Pacific Pillows has been able to stock many of the same pillows featured in your favorite Embassy Suites ® location so that it is easy to order the exact same pillow that you slept on at your favorite Embassy Suites ® property.

Many Embassy Suites ® properties feature the Martex Westpoint-Stevens ®Brentwood Gold Label Pillow. The Brentwood Gold Label Pillow is filled with a high loft polyester fiber blend that offers a great deal of support.

Two other pillows that are often found at Embassy Suites ® Hotels are the Envirosleep ® Dream Surrender ® Pillow and the Envirosleep ® Resiloft ® Soft Support Pillow. The Dream Surrender ® is a medium to medium firm support polyester fill pillow that are great for side and back sleepers while Resiloft ® pillow is soft and compressible making it great for stomach and back sleepers.

Of course, pillow choice and comfort are highly subjective, so if you have questions please feel free to contact our helpful staff by email: sleepbetter@pillows.com or call toll-free: 1-800-720-6973.

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