Q: What pillows are featured in Hilton® Hotels?

Q: What pillows are featured in Hilton Hotels ?
Q:  What pillows are featured in Hilton® Hotels?Hilton ® Hotels use a variety of pillows on their beds. Two of the most popular pillows that they offer are the Down Dreams ® Classic Firm Pillow and the Down Dreams ® Classic Soft Pillow. These two pillows are often found on the same bed to give guests their choice of support level.

Because of the growing concern for allergies, many Hilton ® Hotels offer the Envirosleep ® Dream Surrender and Envirosleep ® Dream Surrender Firm. These pillows are filled with loft polyester clusters, and offer a medium and firm support, which makes both of these pillows great for side sleepers.

Although most locations have phased out of using these pillows, we also carry the popular Pacific Coast ® Touch of Down ® Pillow and the Martex ® Brentwood Gold Pillow. The Touch of Down ® is a medium to medium-soft support feather and down pillow and the Martex ® Brentwood Gold Pillow is a medium-firm support polyester fill pillow.

Of course, pillow choice and comfort are highly subjective, so if you have questions please feel free to contact our helpful staff by email: sleepbetter@pillows.com or call toll-free: 1-800-720-6973.

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