Q: What is a down alternative pillow?

Q: What is a down alternative pillow?
Q: What is a down alternative pillow?A down alternative pillow is filled with a silky-soft synthetic fiber that is meant to mimic the feel of goose or duck down. Down are the fuzzy little feathers that are underneath a birdís outer layer of more protective feathers. People who like extremely soft and mushy pillows generally choose 100% down pillows. If you want that same feel, but you suffer from allergies or you prefer not to have animal-based products, down alternative is a great option.

There are a couple of different ways that manufacturers create down alternative pillows. The first is by spinning polyester into small clusters or puffs. They compress and expand just like a natural down pillow would. One of the most popular polyester clusters used in pillows are Comforel fibers. These fibers are super soft and very lofty so the pillows are full and malleable.

The second way that many manufacturers create pillows are by using microfiber polyester. This polyester is more string-like, so it tends to be used in flatter and softer down alternative pillows. One of our most popular down alternative microfiber pillows is the Pillowtex ® Down Alternative Pillow

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