Q: What is the difference between Down Surround & Double Down Surround?

Q: What is the difference between Down Surround & Double Down Surround?It can be a dizzying task to wade through all of the features of a pillow to find the perfect one. Terms like fill power and fill weight might be Greek to you, but not to worry, Pillows.com can guide you! Two of our most popular pillows are the Pacific Coast ® Down Surround ® and the Pacific Coast ® Double Down Surround ®. On the surface both of these pillows appear to be the same, but each pillow offers a unique support level.

Both the Down Surround ® and Double Down Surround ® are constructed using a pillow-in-pillow design. The inner chamber is made with a combination of duck feathers and down, and the outer chamber is made with a minimum of 75% down.

The difference between the two is the size of the inner chamber. The Double Down Surround ® has an inner chamber that takes up more space in the pillow. This means that there is a higher duck feather to down ratio than in the Down Surround ®. Feathers are used to add more support to pillows, so generally the higher the percentage of feather in the pillow, the firmer it will be.

So when trying to differentiate between these two popular pillows, remember that the Down Surround ® is classified as a medium-soft pillow (great for all sleep positions) , and the Double Down Surround ® is a medium-firm pillow (ideal for side and back sleepers).

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