Q: Why does my new down/feather pillow have an odor?

Q: Why does my new down/feather pillow have an odor?A: This is a common question for our customer service team. People who have been purchasing down and feather pillows for a long time know this natural products can occasionally have a natural odor from the reimnets of oil on the down and feathers. Most common reason this odor happens is moisture or heat on the down. Sometimes during the shipping process your pillow experiences heat and humidity. This will cause the down to release the smell from the oils on the feathers. Duck down and feather have a tendency to do this more than goose down and feather. An easy way to air out the odor is to leave your pillow outside in the fresh air and in the sun. You can also put your pillow in the dryer on low with a dryer sheet and let the dryer air it out for you.


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