Q: How does feather and down percentages affect a pillows comfort?

Q: How does feather and down affect a pillows Comfort?
Q: How does feather and down percentages affect a pillows comfort?When trying to find the right pillow itís very easy to get confused by the varying blends used to fill feather and down pillows.  This often leads customers to buy the wrong pillow for their sleep profile.

When dealing with down/feather blended fill the down provides the softness and the feathers provide the support.  The higher the feather percentage in a pillow the firmer the pillow.  An example of a pillow with a high percentage of feathers that is very firm and supportive is Down Etc.ís 95% Feather 5% Down Diamond Support Pillow.

A 50% feather 50% down blend pillow is softer, but you can still feel the feathers in the pillow.

The same rings true for 75% down 25% feather pillows. They will be incredibly light and soft and you will feel far less support.

The softest pillow would be a pillow filled with 95-100% down. At that percentage, individual feathers are almost entirely surrounded by down so there is little chance of feeling them. This pillow will have a very, very soft feel.

Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea of what percentage of down to feathers will be perfect for you.

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