Q: How can a down and feather pillow be allergy free?

Q: How can a down and feather pillow be allergy free?
Q: How can a down and feather pillow be allergy free?To be honest, most feather and down pillows are not free from allergens. Bedding companies over the years have discovered that dust particles attached to feathers and down, not the feathers/down themselves, cause allergies to flare up. One company, in particular, has made it their mission to provide allergen-free feather and down bedding to their consumers. This company is Pacific Coast Feather Company®.

This company maintains thorough quality testing policies. Immediately after the feather/down reaches the United States, the product is tested to ensure their strict quality guidelines are met. They then place the feathers/down in large washers and begin their Hyperclean ™ process. They are then placed into drying bins. To ensure that all dust particles are removed, these feathers/down will run through this process 8 times.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company ® is the only feather/down bedding manufacturer to be endorsed by the American Lung Association ®.

Of course, even by going through a Hyperclean ™ process, allergens can still remain. For this reason we always recommend using both a pillow protector and pillow shams to make sure that there is a minimal possibility of material getting out of the pillow. As an added benefit a pillow protector will also help your new pillow last longer.

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