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Peacock Alley ®

Add a look of Elegance to Your Room with Peacock Alley ® Bedding available from Pacific Pillows!
Peacock Alley ®

Peacock Alley's ® collection of linens embody luxury. When it comes to experiencing a great night of sleep, one of the most important factors is ensuring that you have a luxurious sleep environment. The feel of the sheets should be superb and the comfort offered should be extraordinary night after night. At the same time the look of the sheets and the bedding should be inviting and pleasing. Peacock Alley ® sheets and designer bedroom ensembles meet these criteria.

The Peacock Alley ® Sheet Collection offers sheets with thread counts ranging from 200 to 630. This range allows you to pick the perfect sheet to ensure that you have the prefect sleep environment.

Every design in the Peacock Alley ® collection contains intricate and beautiful patterns that create an aesthetically pleasing environment when you want to show off your designer bedroom. Peacock Alley ® sheets are available in multiple color schemes in both sateen and satin finishes. You can even make your sleep environment more customized as certain Peacock Alley ® sheet sets can have your monogram sewed onto each sheet by the Peacock Alley ® factory. Order your Peacock Alley ® sheets and bedding ensembles from Pacific Pillows today and experience a whole new level of sheet comfort and beauty!