Mulberry West ® Comforters and Blankets

Mulberry West uses the finest silk in their products to give customers the highest quality bedding products possible.
Mulberry West ® Comforters and BlanketsMulberry West ® is a company that was founded in 2013 and broke into the bedding industry with a bang. Mulberry silk is nature’s finest silk, made from silkworms that only feed on Mulberry leaves. The silk that is produced is lightweight, yet extremely strong, and is naturally resistant to mold, allergens and bed bugs/dust mites. This silk is incorporated with every product made by Mulberry West ® to ensure the highest quality products possible. Mulberry West reg; comforters and blankets are made with 100% cotton and then filled with Mulberry silk that makes for a lightweight yet comfortable blanket. The cotton also responds extremely well to temperature changes that may occur while sleeping, so the products offer a lightweight veil of warmth for cold nights or a natural cooling cover on those warmer nights. Try out Mulberry West ® bedding products today and receive the quality sleep you deserve.