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Bring Home the Same Pillows Used in Many La Quinta Inns ®
La Quinta Inn ®Since their debut in 1968, the La Quinta Inn ® has steadily built their solid reputation by providing guests with comfortable amenities and dependable service. Today, La Quinta ® boasts more than 700 properties which despite being independently owned, still manage to maintain a consistent level of quality and class across the board. A significant contribution to this comforting familiarity is the premium bedding and pillows stocked at many La Quinta Inns ®. Travelers know that when they are away from home they can depend on the La Quinta Inn ® to provide an excellent night of rest at a fair, affordable price; that’s why the La Quinta Inn ® continues to be an American favorite in the hospitality industry.

Now you can enjoy the same pillow that you slept on during your last stay at the La Quinta Inn ® in your own home! It’s easy, just order your own Pillow Factory ® Comfort Down with Comforel ® Fiber Pillow from today and start sleeping like you’re on vacation every night!