Carpenter ® Iso-Cool™ Pillows

Carpenter ® Iso-Cool™ PillowsThe future comes today. Carpenter ® along with Pacific Pillows has seen it and now you can to. Carpenter ® Iso-Cool Pillows are the pillow design of the future. Our beds are one of the most comfortable places in our homes and yet on those hot summer nights it can get to the point where we can’t fall asleep. This is because most bedding today is made of materials that absorb heat. Latex foam and cotton bedding feel like an oven halfway through the night and polyester and feather isn’t much better. Enter Outlast ® Adaptive Comfort ® state of the art material that makes Cartpenter ® Iso-Cool Pillows the greatest. This new material helps balance your changing body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably throughout the night. Its breathable nature combined with a 300 thread count and hypo-allergenic properties makes it unlike anything on the market and is sure to be the new standard for high quality bedding. Choose your Carpenter ® Iso-Cool Pillow design now!