Iso-Cool™ Visco-Elastic Pillow - Standard Size |
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Iso-Cool™ Visco-Elastic Pillow - Standard Size

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Choosing a foam pillow doesn't mean choosing something hot and stuffy. Carpenter ® created a revolutionary memory foam pillow that will not only conform to provide the comfort that you need as well as the cooling technology that you crave. This unique Iso-Cool™ Visco-Elastic memory foam pillow will adjust to your changing body temperature, directing heat away from your body. Visco-elastic memory foam will disperse equal support, relieving both neck and shoulder strain. Stay comfortable and cool with Carpenter ® Iso-Cool™ Visco-Elastic Memory foam pillow and wake up feeling rested and restored day after day.

  • Manufactured By: Carpenter ®
  • Design: Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow
  • Ideal for: Cooling technology, Pressure relief, superior support
  • Fabric: 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Outlast ® Cover
  • Size Standard (18 in x 24 in)