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Enjoy the finest hotel bedding in your own home featured in Many Hyatt ® Hotels!
Hyatt ® Hotels
The Hyatt ® Hotel Corporation came to be in 1957, and therefore, they are experts when it comes to giving guests what they want. They know how to please their guests and give them the best of the best since they have been in the hotel business for so long. The Hyatt ® features a wide variety of bedding for its guests to enjoy, by doing so, it ensures that each and every guest is going to have something they will love and enjoy. Ranging from National Sleep Products ®/Restful Nights ® Ultraflow Optiform Polyester Pillow and Trillium ® Polyester Pillow, to Pacific Coast’s ® Feather and Down Pillow and Double Down Surround ® Pillows they provide guests with a variety of pillows with different fills and firmness's to enjoy.

Enjoy the luxury of the Hyatt ® Hotel in your own home when you purchase a pillow from the Hyatt ® Hotel Pillow Collection, featuring National Sleep Products ®/Restful Nights ® Pillows and Pacific Coast Feather Company Products.

Bring enjoyable bedding into your home and rest well night after night using the same pillows used in many Hyatt ® Hotels!

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