Other Pillows Found at Many Holiday Inn ® Properties

Choose the pillow that matches your need thanks to the Holiday Inn ® Pillow Menu.
Other Pillows Found at Many Holiday Inn ® PropertiesWhen choosing a hotel, one of the last things you worry about is the pillow you will be sleeping on. That is, until you hit your bed after a great day of work or vacation and your pillow is not what you expected. Holiday Inn ® understands that not all pillows appeal to everyone, so they came up with a winning way to satisfy every guest. The Pillow Menu was introduced at all Holiday Inn ® locations in the early 2000’s and can be requested at the front desk of the hotel. The menu consists of pillows that aren’t found in your hotel rooms by default; they are alternatives for people who have different needs. The pillows vary from firmness, as well as type of fill. Here at Pillows.com, we would like to give you the same option as the hotel with our Holiday Inn ® Pillow Menu page. Get that quality hotel sleep thanks to the many choices from the Holiday Inn ® Pillow Menu page.