Homeland Hand Sanitizer

Homeland Hand SanitizerNew Beginnings... When it became obvious that COVID-19 had become a crisis in the United States, Pillows.com faced the choice of laying off our staff and hunkering down or finding some way to take a stand. We decided to take a stand. Together, we leveraged our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to:
  • Preserve and Create Jobs
  • Help Our Community
  • Keep Pillows.com Strong

    Pillows.com is proud to announce that we have added 6 full-time jobs since March due to these efforts.

    Introducing Homeland Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizers
    Designed in our Denver, Colorado, USA Veteran owned facility

    Help your family and loved ones stop the spread of germs and bacteria with Homeland Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizers.

  • Made with a mild formula that won't irritate or dry out skin
  • Has extra strength to work against the worst viruses and germs
  • Outperforms and exceeds the quality standards
  • Perfectly meets the CDC recommendation for hand sanitizing
  • Convenient squeezable sizes
  • Perfect to take anywhere!
  • Affordable price

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