Green Pillows

Rest Your Head Comfortably on an Environmentally Friendly Pillow!
Green PillowsMaking the decision to be environmentally friendly requires additional research and effort. This may mean using public transportation more or deciding to use solar power for your house. The choice to care for the environment can truly continue into your bedroom. Pacific Pillows is pleased to offer a variety of environmentally friendly/green pillow options. An easy way to reduce your environmental impact is to use naturally recurring materials. To this end, the Pacific Pillows Green Collection is pleased to feature the natural silk pillow. Using naturally produced silk, the natural silk pillow utilizes the silk that silk worms constantly produce. Besides being environmentally friendly, the natural silk pillow is a great medium firmness pillow offering the support and feel from silk that cannot be replicated. Another way to care for the environment is to recycle and reuse. Pacific Pillows is pleased to offer pillows that feature recycled materials. Glass and plastic can be recycled to create fibers that are perfect for a filling in a pillow. This recycled fiber has been put to good use to offer a comfortable and environmentally friendly with the EcoPure pillow. Rest your head in comfort while knowing you are doing something good for the environment with the Green Pillows available from Pacific Pillows!

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