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Gotcha Covered ®Finding the right fitting products for your bed can be very difficult. From California King sized beds to extra-long twin sized beds; from pillow top mattresses to featherbeds, there are a substantial number of combinations that can make it difficult to find bedding for your unique bed. All these combinations make finding sheets, duvet covers and comforters a very difficult task. However, Gotcha Covered ® has a wide variety of bedding products to accommodate all the different types of beds available. Gotcha Covered ® features sheets that are capable of fitting a thin mattress with a depth of 8” to a featherbed or pillow top mattress measuring 18” deep.

At the same time, the sheets used to fit these beds are not an inferior option, instead, Gotcha Covered ® makes their sheets ranging from a 200 thread count cotton polyester blend up to a 600 thread count 100% cotton, long staple yarn sheet. Not only are the sheets by Gotcha Covered ® designed to fit various mattress depth, Gotcha Covered ® also makes split sheet sets, for use on adjustable beds where each side can move independent of the other. Now, thanks to Gotcha Covered ®, when your partner adjusts their side of the bed, your fitted sheet does not come up and off of the mattress.

Gotcha Covered ® also knows that more choices in top of the bed comforters will perfectly complement your unique mattress configuration. That is why Gotcha Covered ® offers a variety of down alternative comforters. Filled with polyester, the down alternative comforters from Gotcha Covered ® will keep you warm throughout the seasons while offering comfort to anyone allergic to feathers and down. Along with comforters, Gotcha Covered ® offers a variety of duvet covers and pillow shams. Just because your bed has a different shape or is adjustable does not mean you should not be able to dress it up to make it stand out in a room.

Do not let your unique bed size impact your sleep or the look of your bed – order from the Gotcha Covered ® linen and bedding collection available at!