Gotcha Covered ® Designer Split Sheet Sets

Gotcha Covered ® Designer Split Sheet Sets - There is no reason to compromise luxury just because you have a bed that needs split sheets!
Gotcha Covered ® Designer Split Sheet SetsOne of the biggest improvements in mattresses in recent years has been the advent of adjustable beds that meet the differing sleep preferences of any couple. If one person wants the bed flat and the other person wants their feet to be resting on an incline, the adjustable bed can be manipulated to accommodate both needs. The result of this is that both partners are able to sleep comfortably in the same bed without disturbing each other. However, a large problem with this system is that most fitted sheets are made for a bed that does not move. So, when one person adjusts the bed, the sheets either rip or come undone. And, if you are lucky enough to find a split fitted sheet it is likely that the sheet will make you feel like you are sleeping in a hospital bed instead of sleeping in your own bedroom. Gotcha Covered ® has solved this problem with their luxury designer split sheet sets. Each Gotcha Covered ® Split Sheet Set has two fitted sheets, one for each side of the bed. As a result, the bed stays made even if both people are adjusting the bed to their personal preference. Each Gotcha Covered ® Split Sheet Set also features one flat sheet to go over the bed, so it does not appear that the bed is actually any different than a normal mattress. Finally, the Gotcha Covered ® Split Sheet Sets come in either 618 thread count or 300 thread count. Order a Gotcha Covered ® Split Sheet Set today and get the luxurious comfort you deserve.