Four Seasons ®

Four Seasons ®Worldwide there are few hotels that are able to conjure up the thought of luxury with just their name like the Four Seasons ®. This experience extends to the comfort of the bed. To make sure that guests have a superb night of sleep, most Four Seasons ® Hotels and Resorts offer both a down/feather pillow AND a down alternative pillow. Phoenix Down ® is pleased to offer two pillows for your home that are crafted based on the design of the luxury pillows found in most Four Seasons ®: the Phoenix Down ® 75% White Goose Feather / 25% White Goose Down Pillow and the Phoenix Down ® 100% Polyester Fiber Pillow. Re-create the hotel luxury at home by ordering a Phoenix Down ® pillow today.

The Four Seasons ® trademark is owned by Four Seasons Holdings, Inc.; this trademark is not owned and not licensed by The Four Seasons ® trademark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Phoenix Down ® pillows sold by were inspired by and constructed to feel the same as the pillows found in many Four Seasons ® properties. The Phoenix Down ® mark is owned by Worksville LLC and is used on this website with the express permission of Worksville LLC.