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Down Lite ®Down Lite ® offers a complete lineup of bedding filled with both duck and goose feathers and down. Available in standard, super standard, queen, and king sizes, the Down Lite ® goose and duck down/feather pillow collection is perfect for anyone searching for a high-quality pillow.

Moreover, Down Lite ® is the exclusive manufacturer of pillows and comforters filled with Primaloft down alternative fill ™. Primaloft ™, which was originally used for space missions, is a great fill for pillows. Mimicking the feel of down, without the constant need to fluff, Primaloft ™ is a great fill for any pillow or comforter.

With the soft to firm Primaloft ™ pillow collection and the pillows featuring a variety of feather and down fills, Down Lite ® International’s pillow collection is perfect for anyone.

In addition to a great offering of pillows, Down Lite ® features a wide variety of down comforters capable of fitting any bed. Down Lite comforters ® come in a variety of sizes and fill weights making them appropriate for any size bed in any climate ranging from tropical to the perpetually cold.

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