- Featherbed, Mattress, and Pillow Protectors
Making a quality bedding purchase is an investment in your health. When you make other significant purchases, you normally take measures to protect your investment. This protection of your investment is why Pacific Pillows is pleased to offer a variety of bedding accessories to keep your bedding in great shape and lasting for years to come. Pillows and featherbeds can easily be ruined by an errant spill, a pet jumping on the bed or even insects. To protect your pillows and featherbeds, Pacific Pillows is pleased to offer a variety of zippered protectors. These featherbed and pillow protectors are designed to perfectly fit your various sized pillows and featherbeds. Once on, featherbed and pillow protectors will help prevent stains, allergens and insects from ruining your investment in your sleep.

But pillows and featherbeds are not the only bedding that needs protecting from stains and insects. Your comforter and mattress are also very important to a good night’s sleep. That is why Pacific Pillows offers a variety of mattress protection, from waterproof mattress pads, all the way up to zippered mattress encasements, Pacific Pillows has the perfect option for protecting your mattress. However, not all protection is drab and white. One of the best ways to protect a comforter is a duvet cover. Pacific Pillows features a wide variety of duvet covers that will keep your comforter clean and add a classic and refined look to your bedroom. Make sure that your investment in your sleep is protected with accessories available from Pacific Pillows!