Body Pillows

Body PillowsBody Pillows are great if you need some extra support at night. You can position the Body Pillow in just the right location so whatever ache you have been feeling is soothed all night long by the support of the body pillow. Additionally, Body Pillows are terrific for pregnant women. In fact, one of PacificPillows’ owners, Abby Clark, used a body pillow throughout her pregnancy with twins and she will testify that it provided great relief after she passed week 30 of her pregnancy.

Pacific Pillows is pleased to carry body pillows made by Richoloft ™ and Phoenix Down. Richoloft ™ and Phoenix Down make some of the finest body pillows available. Phoenix Down manufactures body pillows filled with feathers and down and body pillows filled with synthetic material. Richoloft ™ body pillows are filled with synthetic material and come with a FREE colorful pillow case (you choose the color). All body pillows sold by Pacific Pillows come with a 30 night comfort guarantee. Place your order today and start feeling relief immediately from nighttime aches and pains.