Best Western ®

Comforel ® Pillows – As Featured in Many Best Western ® Properties
Best Western ®Best Western ® was founded in 1946 to provide travelers a home away from home while out on the road. The pairing of quality accommodations at an affordable price has established Best Western ® over the span of 6 decades as one of the most consistent, dependable hospitality brands in the industry. Road warriors know that when they see the blue and yellow Best Western ® sign they can count on a restful, rejuvenating night of sleep that won’t empty their wallet.

Consistency like this can only come from diligent attention to detail, something that Best Western ® flaunts in every aspect of the hotel experience. A huge component of the Best Western ® sleep experience are the luxurious Comforel ® Pillows that top most Best Western ® beds all around the world. Best Western ® chooses Comforel ® Pillows because, like the Best Western ® experience, the Comforel ® Pillow name is synonymous with comfort and quality. Constructed out of the finest 100% hypo-allergenic polyester, Comforel ® Pillows combine the best of both synthetic and down filled pillows by striking the ideal balance between down like softness and down alternative type support. So make the same quality choice as the Best Western ® and choose to bring a set of Comforel ® Pillows into your home today!

The Best Western ® trademark is the property of Best Western International Inc.; this trademark is not licensed by Pacific Pillows. The Best Western ® trademark is used on this website for informational purposes to let customers know that the Comforel ® Pillows sold by Pacific Pillows are the same pillows found in many Best Western ® properties. Comforel ® Pillows are not manufactured by Best Western ® or Pacific Pillows.