Hilton ® Hotels

Hilton ® Hotels and Reorts are known for having some of the finest and most comfortable bedding. In 2005 Hilton ® begin outfitting their properties with luxurious Serenity Bedding Collection manufactured by Pacific Coast Feather Company. The Serenity Bedding Collection featured in Hilton properties is the finest bedding available in the hospitality industry. Pacific Pillows is proud to offer the same Serenity Bedding Collection as featured in the finest Hilton ® properties. Place your order today for the same bedding trusted in Hilton ® properties worldwide.

Hilton® is a registered trademark owned by Hilton Corporation. Pacific Coast ® is a registered trademark owned by Pacific Coast Feather Company. These marks are used on our website solely for informational and descriptive purposes; for more information please visit the Pillows.com About Us page. Hilton Corporation has not endorsed our website beyond the fact that the Touch of Down Pillows are featured in many Hilton ® Hotels and Resorts as part of the Hilton ® Serenity Bedding Collection.