Bedding with Antibacterial Properties |

Bedding with Antibacterial Properties

Bedding with Antibacterial PropertiesAntibacterial properties are so important to have in your bedding. Antibacterial properties consist of anything that destroys bacteria or suppresses their growth or their ability to reproduce. We have wonderful options if you are looking for this property in all of your bedding! The main fabrics that have antibacterial properties are bamboo, copper and hemp.

Bamboo has great characteristics but its most important one is that it has the ability to fight off microbes and bacteria that is typically found in bedding. Bamboo is an unabsorbent plant, which means bamboo bedding will not absorb any oils from your skin, help with allergens and dust allergens and dust mites.

Copper is known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact. Copper infused sheets will provide you with complete antimicrobial protections against germs, microbes and other pathogens. Not only does copper have antibacterial properties, it also helps with soft and healthy skin. Copper also serves as a dispersion conductor, which pulls body heat away and distributes it more evenly across the entire bed.

Hemp is an antibacterial plant which makes the fabric allergy-friendly and antiviral to keep allergies at bay. Hemp fabric naturally cools and absorbs moisture. This is allergy friendly because there is zero or very few artificial allergens (chemicals) and irritants in the fabric. Not only is hemp antibacterial, it is also eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, and renewable.