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Andaz ®

Experience the luxury of the Andaz Hotel, and sleep in comfort and bliss with their high class bedding.
Andaz ®When you are in the market for the perfect place to stay and you are sick and tired of the same old things, the Andaz Hotel is perfect for you with their new classy amenities and offers. Andaz Hotels are dedicated to providing guests with exactly what they want and deserve, from exquisite bedding, to fabulous decorations. In their quest to give guests exactly what they want, they have embellished each room with the Down Lite 50% White Goose Down, 50% White Goose Feather Pillow which provides exceptional support and comfort night after night. Andaz Hotels are perfect for anyone who is looking for the ultimate getaway. You can now rest night after night in comfort and class when you use the same pillows used in Andaz Hotels.