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Amy Butler ®

Stylish patterns and vibrant colors are the answer to every boring bedroom!
Amy Butler ®Being hugely influenced by her Mother and Grandmother, Amy Butler gained a love for arts and crafts at a young age. Her passion for art was kindled as she explored new cultures formed by lifelong experiences. Amy Butler believes that, through art, we can inspire change in ourselves as well as those around us. Creativity can instigate positive, confident feelings which are undoubtedly contagious.

Because of Amy’s enthusiastic love for art and design, she has devoted her time to composing bold patterns in fresh combinations. With the help of her husband, the “Art of the Midwest” studio was started. Together they served customers from across the world.

When purchasing an Amy Butler product, it is important to know that Amy counts on her creativity to lift the spirits of those around. Her combination of brilliant colors and textured patterns send beams throughout a room. She has done this in a way that compliments the green industry. As she has developed her bedding line, her focus has been to construct textiles in an organic fashion through implementing low-impact dyes and using 100% organic cotton.