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1888 Mills ®

Add Beauty and Comfort to Your Bed with Linens from 1888 Mills ®
1888 Mills ®Making a timeless bedding ensemble can be very difficult. Who knows if the design that you select today will remain in style just a few months later. That is why Pillows.com is pleased to offer the 1888 Mills ® bedding collection. The 1888 Mills ® bedding collection features everything you need to make over your bed from sheets to duvet covers to bed skirts. And, you can get all of these linens in classic white, stripped white, and stripped linen colors. Both classic stripe patterns and solid white have withstood the test of time, making your bed an instant classic. The 1888 Mills ® sheet collection offers two distinct options.

First is the Oasis Collection – a 300 thread count pima cotton sheet. Available in classic white, the 1888 Mills ® Oasis collection is perfect for anyone searching for pima cotton sheets in a classic design. Second in the 1888 Mills ® sheet collection is Magnificence collection. The 1888 Mills ® Magnificence Collection features a 310 thread count pima cotton polyester blend sheet. Available in both white and linen, the 1888 Mills ® Magnificence collection takes advantage of the pima cotton-polyester blend to offer you a sheet that is exceedingly soft, while at the same time wrinkle free.

Unlike other sheet sets that are very hard to match with the rest of the bed ensemble, the 1888 Mills ® Bedding Collection also offers matching duvet covers and bed skirts. Coming in both white and linen colors, the 1888 Mills ® duvet covers and pillow shams are the perfect compliment to either the Oasis or Magnificence sheet sets. And with a thread count of 310, the 1888 Mills ® duvet covers and shams will not only look good, but feel good as well. Finally, no bed coordination would be complete without a bed skirt and the 1888 Mills ® bedding collection has the perfect bed skirt. Available in both white and linen, the 1888 Mills ® bed skirts are the perfect finishing touch to any bed. Stop attempting to coordinate your bed’s look and feel across different designers. Instead, redo your whole bed with 1888 Mills ® and Pacific Pillows; proud to offer both the Oasis and Magnificence Collections.