100% Pure ®

Luxury can be yours at an affordable price with bedding products made by 100% Pure. Order yours today!
100% Pure ®Traditionally it has been impossible to find a sheet that is made with 100% cotton and is wrinkle resistant. However, this problem does not exist with the 400 thread count 100% Pure ® Sheets available from Pacific Pillows. Originally designed for use in hotels to come out of the industrial washing process without having to be ironed, 100% Pure ® Sheets are designed to withstand such tough washings while remaining wrinkle resistant.

Along with being designed to emerge from any wash with little or no wrinkles, the 100% Pure ® 400 thread count sheets are also designed to bring beauty to any room. Available in White and Ivory, 100% Pure ® sheets can add an understated look of beauty to any room. With an uneven stripe, the 100% Pure ® sheets have an elegant, yet vibrant look that will let them stand out anywhere without detracting from the bedroom. By coming in only two colors, and available in sets and individual items, the 100% Pure ® sheets can be mixed and match to add a variety of looks while using the same great, wrinkle resistant sheet. Clear out your linen closet and add two sets of the 100% Pure ® sheets from Pacific Pillows to allow you the freedom of multiple great looks without having to worry about ironing your sheets!