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Beautyrest ® Beautyrest ® is one of the most respected manufacturers of mattresses in the world, as well as one of the longest surviving. Founded in the 1870s, Simmons ® led the way as one of the first producers of modern wire-woven mattresses, and has continued its streak of innovation ever since. Beautyrest ® products are also made mostly in the United States, which is a trait that seems increasingly rare in the textile industry.

Despite being most famous for their mattresses, the other products that Beautyrest ® produces are top notch as well. We are currently selling their pillows and mattress pads, both of which are top notch in terms of quality and comfort. Simmons ® makes many products under their own tag, though they also produce Beautyrest ®, which is currently the subsidiary of Simmons ® where most of our pillows come from. Like Simmons ®, Beautyrest ® is renowned for its standard of excellence. As its name would suggest, nearly every consumer who tries a Beautyrest ® product reports a serene sleep, or rather a beautiful rest. Consider buying a Beautyrest ® pillow today and experience for yourself this legendary brand!

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