Sam Salem & Son ®

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Sam Salem & Son ®Sam Salem & Son ® is a manufacturer of home furnishings, and has been a leader in the industry since 1944. Their specialty is retailing high quality home goods at a great value, which is something they have excelled at over the course of their existence and continue to do today. While Sam Salem & Son ® produce many products under their own brand and subsidiaries like their At Home collection, they also produce products for a number of world renowned brands such as Serta ®.

Serta ® claims to be the manufacturer of the World’s Best Mattress™, and few can dispute their partial claim to this title. Today, Serta ® is the second largest bedding manufacturer in the industry and one of the most recognized home furnishing brands in the marketplace. Their commitment to quality has made them a leader in the industry, while their dedication to providing a diverse range of products has helped countless individuals find the mattress that is perfect for them.

Aside from Serta ®, Sam Salem & Son ® also produces a number of other bedding products that are designed to give you the optimal sleep. At Pacific Pillows, we are beginning to offer a number of these products, including their throw blankets. Try out Sam Salem and Son ® today and sleep comfortably, getting more rested than you ever have before!