Q: What is the difference between Down Surround ® and Double Down Surround ® Pillows?

When our customers first begin looking at the fill power, fill weight and profiles of the pillow sold by PacificPillows.com it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.  This is especially true when customers are trying to distinguish between the Down Surround ® and Double Down Surround ® Pillows made by Pacific Coast Feather Company.  These pillows both have a 550 fill power and the Double Down Surround ® Pillows generally only have 1 ounce of fill more then the Down Surround ® Pillows.

Additionally, each of these pillows have essentially the same fill percentages. Both the Down Surround ® and Double Down Surround ® Pillows have 95% duck feather/5% down in the inner chambers and 25% duck feather/75% duck down in the outer chambers.  But the pillows are unique in the way they are put together.

Down Surround ® Pillows are built with a pillow in pillow design, which gives that surrounded by comfy support feeling.  At the same time the Down Surround ® Pillows also have a full inner chamber offering support for stomach and back sleepers.

Double Down Surround ® Pillows have two inner chambers which makes the pillow even more supportive.  Double Down Surround ® Pillows are ideal for those who prefer sleeping on their back or side.

As always we encourage you to find the right pillow that gives you the best night of sleep possible.  We are always available to answer questions and assist you anyway we can.  If you have questions about what bedding would best meet your sleep needs please feel free to contact our helpful staff by email: sleepwell@pacificpillows.com or toll-free: 1-800-720-6973.

Sleep well.  Live well.