Martex ® / Westpoint Stevens

Martex ® / Westpoint Stevens Pillow and Linen
Martex ® / Westpoint StevensWith many bed and bath products, there is a distinct tradeoff between durability and comfort. For most bed and bath products, they can be comfortable or they can be durable, but not both. However, the Martex ® Westpoint Stevens bed and bath collection is both durable and comfortable. Pacific Pillows offers a wide variety of Martex ® Westpoint Stevens pillows, from the Brentwood Gold hotel pillow to the Ultra Green pillow. All Martex ® Westpoint Stevens pillows feature a polyester fiber fill and durable covers to make sure that they can withstand repeated uses while still maintaining their comfort. This durability is not limited just to pillows.

Martex ® Westpoint Stevens also makes the superb Grand Patrician sheet collection. Combining 60% pima cotton for cotton with 40% polyester for durability and wrinkle resistance, the Martex ® Westpoint Stevens Grand Patrician sheet set is a must have for anyone searching for a comfortable sheet that will not get damaged the first time it is washed.

Martex ® Westpoint Stevens takes the comfort and durability to a higher level with their bath collection. The Martex ® Westpoint Stevens Grand Patrician towel collection features 100% cotton towels that are combed and ring spun to offer supreme softness along with absorbency and durability. With the Martex ® Westpoint Stevens bed and bath collection, you can order with confidence knowing that you are ordering a product that is both comfortable and long lasting. Get your Martex ® Westpoint Stevens products from Pacific Pillows today!