Down Etc. ®

Down Etc. ® Bedding Collection
Down Etc. ®Finding the perfect amount of comfort among all your bedding can be a very difficult proposition, even when you are dealing with the same manufacturer. However, this issue does not exist with Down Etc. ®. Down Etc. ® bedding products are designed to offer you a very clear path from one product to another. With Down Etc. ® feather and down pillows, the Firm Fill down pillow is the softest pillow made by Down Etc. ®, while the 95% feather and 5% down Diamond Support pillow is firmest. In between, Down Etc. ® offers a full range pillows with varying degrees of firmness and support.

This ease of pillow selection continues with the down alternative pillows where the Aquaplush is a soft pillow and the Fairfax pillow is a firmer pillow. By designing their pillows with distinctly different fills, the Down Etc. ® Pillow lineup is easy to navigate so you can find the perfect pillow. To compliment their pillows, Down Etc. ® also makes pillow protectors for all sizes of pillow from standard to European, which easily fit the Down Etc. ® pillows, making caring for your pillows a breeze.

With Down Etc. ®, the easy to navigate bedding guide is not just limited to pillows, it also extends to comforters. Down Etc. ® offers three weights of comforters: summer, winter, and fall. These weights allow you to find the perfect comforter for you based upon the season and the climate in which you live. Use the Down Etc.'s ® huge variety of products tailored specifically to meet your individual needs and order the perfect Down Etc. ® pillow or comforter from Pacific Pillows. Place your order from Down Etc. ® Bedding Collection today!